Matching Tungsten Wedding Bands


One of the most moving moments in a wedding ceremony is when the bride vows married by exchanging wedding rings. “With this ring, I marry you” is a very important part of the service. Such special moments are worthy of being represented by the equally privileged rings; These are some of the latest trends in terms that are important to remember are the rings will symbolize your commitment and your love for each other.
Choose a high quality ring with precision skills that will last as long as your love for each other. Tungsten Rings are getting popular in tough economic times because of their metal resistance and affordable cost.
The thing to consider is deciding whether to buy a suitable tungsten wedding ribbon or a single style. Traditionally, couples have chosen a suitable band, in which both male and female rings are the same color and design. However, many couples today choose to buy suitable rings for each personality, taste and style respectively. We offer one of the largest selection of high quality Tungsten Couple Racing Matches, including many matching styles.
The Tungsten wedding band has become a popular choice today for many couples involved due to its durability and affordable price. If you and your spouse plan to wear a tungsten wedding ring as a symbol of your love for each other, there are several factors you should consider before making a decision to buy One of the important factors in choosing your tungsten wedding ring is to coordinate with the bride’s “furniture”. A really unusual set of sets as it used to be, but it’s still good to consider coordinating the pieces so that when you hold hands, be it for fun or for wedding photos, the rings seem to fit together. By choosing individual but coordinated rings, you create a visual sign that you are two individuals who have chosen to spend your life together.
Whatever style is chosen, buying tungsten is worth the investment

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Sheepskin Boots Are on the Forefront of International Fashion Sense

Picture that a lounge of heavenly coziness embracing your feet when the cold winter is in full swing! That would be remarkably pleasing. Then sheepskin boots are created to provide that amazing comfort with snug fit. Known to be the best material to make winter boots, sheepskin now sets a fashion trend among the mass all over the world. Due to the matchless comfy benefits and versatile fashion expression, sheepskin boots are on the forefront of International fashion sense at present.

Comfortable over trendy, sheepskin footwear caters to worldwide people in today’ s era. These boots are the favorite of many. They are available in a variety of styles and designs which can easily play up the winter look. The featured sheepskin is actually a dural wool liner and the highlight is the sumptuous wool fleecy side which ensures the breathable and cozy comfort of the boot. Shearling sheepskin is one of the most preferred types of sheepskin shoes. Such shoe is soft, comfortable, flexible, breathable, light weighted, durable and thermostatic. The nature of lambskin allows a wonderful air circulation and thus all dampness and moisture are wicked away. The boots would stay in dry all the time and provide the wearer with a breathable cozy feel just like a natural air-conditioner.

Pure and simple, these styled shoes are versatile to make a style statement. Search through the available fashion choices on the market, you will find that sheepskin boots are probably the most sought-after items as they can dress up any outfit from the closet and make an outstanding appearance in any fashion-conscious crowd. There is a variety of sheepskin footwear, different in styles, designs, sizes and colors available on the market. However, the highlight of this fashion trend is seen as the colorful choices on sleek, simply sophisticated look. As sheepskin can be dyed to match any color that you can think of, there is a rainbow of possibilities in the color spectrum for sheepskin boot styles. It is highly appreciated by many who have several pairs of sheepskin boots in different shades in their wardrobe to wear a cozy pair in a shade that matches their mood.

Various in styles and colors, sheepskin boots are now growing in popularity. Actually they may be pre-historic shoes which were worn by people in Stone Age to keep their feet warm. Back to basics, these primitive shoes have evolved out of a lot of variations now but their simply sheepskin comfort in ultimate and versatile fashion look never fade away and the ceaseless newly released sheepskin styles spirit up more and more fashion addicts and down to earth people.

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Fashion Trends on Winter Boots

Irrespective of tiresome daily routine and fast life tempo, fashion items never fail to appeal to modern people. Our life is fraught with various pressures but nothing seems to hinder style conscious girls to show their beauty by getting dressed with their preferable haute couture. It is a great honor for girls to steal the show with a decent look. However, when cold winter season sets in, these beautiful and wise girls are still seeking their way to get bundled up to stay warm and stylish. For sure, winter is not a season for exposure and that is really a great pity for those girls who have perfect stature and tempting curves to show off. Nevertheless, a great chance to enable more creative ideas for a style statement comes along. Every season has its own charm and more creative possibilities for winter fashion expression may be the one.

When it comes to winter fashion expression, both functional and fashionable aspects should be taken into consideration as those trendy over comfortable items would be never the wise choices to feel a light-hearted winter season. The harsh weather in winter is a crucial consideration. While the trendy fashion sense is appreciated, function should be always the foremost factor. Survey the fashion arena, more and more comfortable over trendy clothes and boots are seen. Back to basics, super functional items are coming back to rule the runways. And winter boots are standing out to set a good example for that.

In terms of both fashion and comfort, trendy winter boots today are seen with more pure and simple motif to accentuate the comfy benefits to withstand the elements during cold winter months. For instance, sheepskin winter boots are now standing out to enable a refreshing change in the world of fashion. These fur-lined sheepskin boots look bulky and big but their unequal coziness and chic fashion expression overwhelm whatever encumbrance on their way to reach heart of worldwide people. These boots have a legend of twist to dominate the footwear fashion trends at the moment. The concept formed by this phenomenon will continue to be revealing and far reaching.

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Express Fashion

Let’s express fashion as another beautiful manifestation of life. In fact the biggest fashion designer of the world is Mother Nature herself with her beautiful, imaginative and vivid expressions all around. For humanity from the olden days itself fashion was a source of joyful and creative expression of life just like the art, the science, the dance, the music and of course sex.

Fashion exists as two worlds today, the real and the superficial. I feel fashion is grossly misunderstood and maligned in the contemporary sense. In the superficial world of fashion, it is perceived as the privilege of the so called upper strata of the society. This is the tragedy of today’s fashion. Some people with the money, power and glamour flaunt the so called fashion and the rest of the world are made to believe that this is the real fashion.

This is a type of fashion that is being hyped and flaunted by select few and which is not accessible to most of the people. This is the shallow and superficial world of fashion that exists as we can see today.

Express fashion: The real world of fashion

Nevertheless we need to understand that this is just a small minority group and the real world of fashion is much richer and larger in proportion. Real fashion is about how people express their traditions and culture through their clothing, ornaments, the art, the science, the music and dance. This is the real world of fashion which has to be discovered by us. So let’s express fashion that is the “real” fashion.

Express fashion: Real fashion radiates from deep within

From the individual perspective, the real fashion radiates from deep within. Here, you never ape anybody. It just naturally comes to you. It is nothing but a deep desire of the heart and the soul to be full and complete from deep within and project it outwardly. To discover the real fashion you need to understand your inner self and its deep desire to connect with the external world through the joyous and colorful patterns of expression.

I feel “express fashion” is nothing but expressing fashion from deep within you. Next time you think about fashion, think about your needs and your comfort and then see the magic of fashion getting expressed in you in a real express way. When you just do it the natural way that is your way, you will start finding that people take a note of you.

So when we say express fashion, it is not just limited to your clothes or ornaments that you wear but it involves expressing your radiant personality. It is an expression of your inner happiness which is reflected through your body, your mind, your heart and your soul. It comes out naturally and radiates outward because of the feeling of being complete and one with nature. This is a very feminine and soothing manifestation of the self irrespective of the gender. Fashion is therefore a beautiful manifestation of the feminine principle itself.

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Sexy Fashion – Express Your Soul

The idea of showing skin in fashion really is fairly new when you think about it. OK, it is like 50 years old but when compared to history that is relatively new. For hundreds of years bodies were encased in layer upon layer of body covering frocks that did nothing to flatter the human body with the exception of 18th and 19th century bodices that showed off many an ample bosom. But, it wasn’t until the ’50′s when things started shifting towards sexy fashion. The world began to loosen up a bit thanks to European designers who have always been a little more liberal than those on this side of the pond.

Being able to show off bodies is a liberating experience and finally people started to throw away the conventional and start getting into the fun involved in dressing a bit sexier. By the end of WW2 people were ready to cut loose. Suspenders in place of belts and white socks became all the rage. It seems almost silly now to think about it but consider what sexy fashion was before that. Then with the introduction of the bikini in the late 50′s all heck broke loose in the showing of skin department. The bikini had been around in France since 1947 but it hadn’t arrived in the States until around 1958. But, when it did it came in like a hurricane!

Having found this new freedom on the beach to bare a lot more than we were used to, society decided to start bringing skin into the everyday fashion realm as well. The ’60′s brought us short skirts combined with sexy knee high boots showing off the beauty of the female form. From then on there was no going back. Open shirts on men and slit skirts along with micro minis became the rage. There was barely a city you could walk through without being able to see a new found ocean of skin.

We have seen that sexy fashion has flourished in the last 50 years and certainly won’t be going away anytime soon. Low rise jeans with thongs underwear showing, mid- drift shirts worn with no bras and belly button rings have become the new provocateurs. Those whale bone bodices are still around in certain fetish communities but covering the good in multiple layers of satin are bygones of another era. Sexy fashion freedom is here to stay for good.

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The Unintended Consequences of Globalism

Globalism might be good for the world economy as a whole, but does not necessarily mean it has been good for the American worker. Whether intentional or unintended, the American worker has suffered through the philosophy of free trade. Do not miss quote me, Globalism has a lot of positives. Now more than ever the people of earth are connected through the internet and can communicate information faster than any other time in history. People are exposed to different cultures and ideas, and the free flow of information is exponentially evolving our society. “Free trade” plays a big part in globalism, which is why there has been a “backlash” from non-college educated workers in wealthy countries in direct response to the effects of free trade policies. When wealthy counties openly trade with developing countries it can overvalue the wealthy countries currency, which in turn makes imports cheaper while exports become more expensive. However, according to the Economic Policy Institute, the real culprit is not the valuation of the dollar and the increasing trade deficit. (Bivens, Economic Policy Institute)

The USA has increasingly shifted its economy from manufacturing to services like banking and investing. It is cheaper to import products of manufacturing from a country that has extremely cheap labor than it is to employ American workers in the United States. This in turn means there now is a premium on college educated Americans who are filling job openings within the service industry. On the other side of the coin, manufacturing jobs are leaving the country and lowering wages of workers without a college degree. This fact coupled with increasing technology that replaces workers and a trade policy that out prices “expensive” American workers is leading to decreased wages. As the US trades more with developing countries as a percentage of GDP, the wages of unskilled workers continue to decrease. (Slaughter and Swagle, International Monetary Fund)

Though Globalism has a net increase in GDP and employment for countries involved, most of the gains from free trade is disproportionately received by the top 1% of Americans. Policies that protect corporations and their interest at the expense of the American worker exacerbate the problem. Trade policies like NAFTA and others have little protections for workers and heavily favor the multinational corporations that seek to benefit from free trade. This only adds fuel to income inequality, which for poor countries can increase economic growth while having a negative effect on rich countries. Rich countries are also at higher risk of financial crisis when they have high levels of income inequality. (Malinen, Huffington Post)

Globalism and free trade are linked very close together, which is why there is a stigma attributed to the word. There has been growing resentment within the US and other wealthy nations of globalism as a whole. They do not just condemn free trade, but openly blame minorities and marginalized groups for their decrease in wages and “eroding” their cultural dominance that they claim dominion over. This is a deadly cycle, as income inequality only feeds this type of behavior. In a country that is not adequately educating its people, more of the workers within its country will become more ignorant. With free trade putting a premium on college educated workers and decreasing wages of unskilled labor, we are now almost at a tipping point, socially and economically.

Globalism has many unintended consequences that inadvertently caused huge social and economic problems within the US. The problems that globalism is causing is not a hard fix. Reducing the income inequality will eradicate more of the negative effects of globalism. Universal Education, Universal healthcare, and a rewrite of our tax code are just a few ways to reduce income inequality. All of these possibilities are well within our means. We have to take care of these problems swiftly, before globalism becomes an integral part of our own decline. (Mason, Post-Gazette)

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Global Trends in the Cosmetic Industry

Cosmetic dyes and colours: Explained

Cosmetic colours are also known as cosmetic lakes. These colours are produced by taking the help of absorption of dyes that are water-soluble onto a substrate. It makes the colour insoluble in water. Cosmetic lake colours are made by making use of unique technology. The technology helps in attaining extremely fine particles. These particles help in achieving shade consistency. In comparison water soluble colours, cosmetic lakes are much more stable & safe. They also generate vivacious and brighter colours. It has been seen that cosmetic pigments and lakes are more suitable for food products that contain fats and oils. They are also suitable for those products that do not contain enough moisture for dissolving colours.

Cosmetic dyes, on the other hand are used for making cosmetic colours & products. These dyes are widely used by the cosmetic manufacturing industries and businesses all over the world. They are primarily used for manufacturing hair dyes, lipsticks, nail polishes, shampoo as well as other personal care products. It has been seen that generally water soluble & food dyes are very easy and safe to use. These dyes are mostly used for a wide variety of applications. They include cleaning chemicals, soaps, medicine, cosmetic products etc.

Know which ones are safe for use

Be it the use of any type of cosmetic dyes or cosmetic colorants safety of use is a primary consideration. Cosmetic colours and cosmetic dyes often make use of a wide range of synthetic colours. These are often referred to as FD&C colours. They are mainly extracted through coal tar and are basically a by-product of petroleum. Research shows that some particular coal tar based dyes lead to different types of cancer. This is why the FDA regulates them. They also determine the arsenic or lead amount they contain. Thus there are many restrictions in the use of such colours.

Some global trends in Cosmetic dyes and cosmetic colours

Worldwide it is seen that North America, followed by Europe, has the largest market for colour cosmetics. This is due to innovations in colour cosmetics. Other factors also include high consumer disposable income and frequent new product launches in colour cosmetic market in the region. However Asia too is expected to show high growth rate in the colour cosmetics market in next few years. This is on account of the increasing consumer incomes and rising in awareness about personal care products in the region.

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Economic Turmoil and the Future of Brazil

For many years, Brazil has been an emerging economic hub, attracting investors from all over the world. The Brazilian economy saw an 368% increase in Gross Domestic Product growth from 2003 to 2011. In addition, Brazil took in almost half of Foreign Direct Investment flowing into South America during 2015. This doesn’t come as a surprise since it reigns as one of the major emerging national economies. However, Brazil has seen a recent economic downturn with increasing unemployment and a contracting GDP. In fact, the Brazilian government cut 2017 GDP expectations from 1.6% to 1% growth. Having been one the most lucrative foreign investments for governments to individual investors, what happened to the so-called “Country of the Future” and can Brazil regain its momentum?

Back in 2015, recession hit Brazil hard and the country is still struggling to get back on track. According to the CIA World Factbook, the economy contracted 32% from its peak in 2011 and unemployment reached a new high at 12.6% in 2016. Being based mostly on services, agriculture and oil, Brazil’s economy has a direct correlation with global demand. With global recession looming, Brazil is feeling the effects of a slow world economy.

Brazil is a top tourist destination offering beautiful beaches, a diverse culture and exciting festivals. However, with the world economy slowing down, people are less likely to travel abroad. Since the majority of the country’s GDP derives from the service industry, Brazil will not be able to rebound any time soon unless there is a major boost in consumer confidence.

The demand for Brazilian exports was slashed when its largest trading partner, China, entered into an economic slowdown of their own. The decrease in exports caused massive layoffs throughout the nation. The notorious economic downward spiral began by wary consumer spending as unemployment rose. Companies that tried to gain capital by borrowing in U.S. dollars found it difficult to pay back those loans as the Brazilian Real crashed 25% in the span of a year in 2015.

One of the major hits came from low oil prices and the corruption of Petrobras, a large oil company and Brazil’s largest source of investment. Brazil is major producer of oil, exporting $11.8 billion worth in 2015, according to the Observatory for Economic Complexity. OPEC delivered a major blow when the cartel decided not to cut oil production, causing oil futures prices to plunge. In order to cope with heavy losses, Petrobras was forced to sell off assets and halt future research and expansion plans.

As if things weren’t going poorly, Petrobras was also caught in a scandal with former Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff and other high office executives. From 2004 to 2012, the company had spent over $2 billion on bribes to politicians whom would allow the company to charge inflated prices for construction contracts. Now that the scandal has unfolded, Petrobras executives face jail time and the company as a whole is forced to pay billions in fines.

So what does the future hold for Brazil?

Although at the moment the future looks dim, there are still signs of hope Brazil can turn itself around. The Real has seemed to stabilize in 2016 and heads into 2017 with an upward trend. Moreover, experts’ GDP projections for 2018 through 2020 show promising figures that Brazil can restore pre-recession level growth.

Even more promising, U.S. companies are still showing faith in Brazil’s future. American Airlines plans to invest $100 million in an aircraft maintenance center in Sao Paulo. Brazilian Investment Partnership Minister Wellington Moreira Franco and many countries like the United States, United Kingdom, France and Japan agree there are still reasons to invest in Brazil. This should be seen as a sign of confidence that the Brazilian market will grow soundly with the support of both national and international investment.

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The Effects Of The Global Trade Agreement

We live in a world that is increasingly getting connected. In such a world, trade agreements are bound to expand internationally, and to think and act otherwise would be downright stupid.

These global trade agreements, as such, are either bilateral or multilateral understanding between two or multiple countries and govern the trade policies between them. These agreements have a massive impact on worldwide trade and investments and are one of the major causes responsible for shaping business relationships across the globe. And while such agreements might not affect directly affect the place where you live or operate, being aware of the current trade agreements can definitely uncover numerous opportunities.

Forming up opinions is up to you; we do not intend to initiate an argument over how good or how bad these global trade agreements are. This article aims to get you familiarized with such agreements and tell if your supply chain could be affected or not.

While a few countries have settled upon free trade agreements and are in the process of widening them, a number of other nations have formed common markets and unions; this form of development can a have a thorough effect on small-scale businesses.

Two of the most common agreements are the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) between Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, Brunei, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Malaysia and Japan, and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between Canada, United States and Mexico.

Now, how such agreements impact your local business’s supply chain depends on a simple fact; whether your business is an importer, exporter or neither.

Scenario 1: You neither import nor export

It’s fairly easy to decide whether you are an importer or not, right? I understand that you do not directly source products from a foreign supplier, and technically speaking, that doesn’t make you an importer. However, trade agreements can still impact you. Your suppliers are directly affected by such regulations, and this vulnerability can affect your supply chain.

Keep the distinction in mind.

Scenario 2: You identify yourself as an importer

Owing to the low cost manufacturing in some countries, many small scale suppliers are able to compete with global giants.

With a trade agreement between two countries, most of the times, the country with lower labour costs benefits when the trade tariffs are lowered or eliminated. With trade agreements, importers usually get to source low-cost goods and it allows for the unrestricted movement of such low-cost goods through higher cost partner nation.

In case, such an agreement is dissolved, an importer would inevitably face a higher cost of goods and thus look for cheaper sourcing options, decrease their operational costs, and ultimately increase the prices, which would be borne by the customers, of course.

Scenario 3: You are an exporter

This even counts if you sell products that another firm exports because at some point or other, taxes would be levied on your sold goods. So how does it affect you? Your customers end up paying higher amounts for your products.

With a trade agreement in place between the country where the product originates and the receiving country, the very same products would move through the receiving nation freely. In such cases, you’d definitely want to keep such an agreement intact and leverage this competitive advantage you have in this particular country bound by trade regulations.

As a small or a medium sized business, it is therefore important for you to identify where your business lies with respect to global trade agreements.

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The Paramounted Importance of Critical Analysis in International Trade Policies

International trade is largely based on the constant fluctuations in the world-wide economy, this resulting in constant changes with regards to tariffs, trade subsidies and unending amendments of regulations with regards to international trade. “Trade policy and economic Growth”, a paper by Keith Maskus, PhD, focuses on the relationship between trade policies and the growth of the economy or lack thereof, the main point of interest of the paper was to establish whether the variance of trade policies will affect the economic growth of any country. The conclusion reached was that open economies tend to grow faster than closed economies, ceteris paribus. therefore concluding that open competition is good in the sense that it improves resource distribution and the country gains in Investment and innovation.

An organisation that is involved in international trade has to pay special attention to such information. There might not be any countries with closed economies however there are countries that have low imports to the point that they are regarded as closed economies for instance Brazil. In 2011 Brazil recorded 13% as its import percentage which was quite low for a country of its stature. Is it not then imperative to constantly be up to date with changes in the trade policies of countries one is interested in pursuing trade relations with? since there is a proven positive relationship between the openness of an economy to competition (thus meaning the country is greatly involved in trade) and the growth of that country`s economy, this serves as an indication of how lucrative and profitable a business venture would be under such circumstances. The Critical analysis aspect then comes into play by determining how much gain or loss would result from substantial changes to the policies, which are measures and instruments that can influence export and imports, the objective being the policies influence the trade sector to the result of profit for the business venture. one might feel a degree in commercial management is then needed in order to fully understand all the kinks and edges of the international business, and they would be right, but the eventuality is that it will always boil down to intelligence and efficiency in the analysis of trends, calculation of potential profit/loss, predictions of future stability or fluctuations in the world economy prompting changes to prices in the trade sector.

There is one other important factor that can alter potential business plans, and that is the politics of the country in question, policies are easily influenced by the politics of the nation, and it is thus advisable that critical analysis be also engaged, this results in better understanding of the country and its stability thus reducing the chances of incurring a bad business eventuality. Nations are not governed by robots, unfortunately, but are governed by people with interests and human nature desires to differ from individual to individual making it difficult to maintain a constant effective system. if politicians are elected they tend to focus on altering policies for their own benefit, and the benefit of those they promised (if there are still honest politician available) from that point it is important that international business consider such factors before pursuing business. Prime examples being, whenever there are strikes in South Africa investors tend to shy away, and most of the strikes are birthed from political influence, thus deeming South Africa an Unstable nation to invest in, or Zimbabwe a nation sanctioned, due to political infringements, making the country undesirable for investment irregardless of the profitability of the business idea. It is thus an excellent idea to firstly research in-depth to the politics of the country before hand and invest with,much-needed information, guiding the innovative decision made.

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