Sexy Fashion – Express Your Soul

The idea of showing skin in fashion really is fairly new when you think about it. OK, it is like 50 years old but when compared to history that is relatively new. For hundreds of years bodies were encased in layer upon layer of body covering frocks that did nothing to flatter the human body with the exception of 18th and 19th century bodices that showed off many an ample bosom. But, it wasn’t until the ’50′s when things started shifting towards sexy fashion. The world began to loosen up a bit thanks to European designers who have always been a little more liberal than those on this side of the pond.

Being able to show off bodies is a liberating experience and finally people started to throw away the conventional and start getting into the fun involved in dressing a bit sexier. By the end of WW2 people were ready to cut loose. Suspenders in place of belts and white socks became all the rage. It seems almost silly now to think about it but consider what sexy fashion was before that. Then with the introduction of the bikini in the late 50′s all heck broke loose in the showing of skin department. The bikini had been around in France since 1947 but it hadn’t arrived in the States until around 1958. But, when it did it came in like a hurricane!

Having found this new freedom on the beach to bare a lot more than we were used to, society decided to start bringing skin into the everyday fashion realm as well. The ’60′s brought us short skirts combined with sexy knee high boots showing off the beauty of the female form. From then on there was no going back. Open shirts on men and slit skirts along with micro minis became the rage. There was barely a city you could walk through without being able to see a new found ocean of skin.

We have seen that sexy fashion has flourished in the last 50 years and certainly won’t be going away anytime soon. Low rise jeans with thongs underwear showing, mid- drift shirts worn with no bras and belly button rings have become the new provocateurs. Those whale bone bodices are still around in certain fetish communities but covering the good in multiple layers of satin are bygones of another era. Sexy fashion freedom is here to stay for good.

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